Charity of the Month


JULY: Heart of a Lion (

The mission of the John Daly and Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation is to provide mental, physical, and wellness support to our nation’s children, first responders and America’s Veterans.


JUNE & MAY: 14th Hour Foundation

14th Hour Foundation is dedicated to honoring and supporting individuals and their families who have served and sacrificed to protect the American homeland.


APRIL: Wounded Waters

Wounded Waters is a nonprofit organization assisting Veterans thru fishing and outdoor recreation activities.


MARCH: Warfighter Gardens

Warfighter Gardens is a 501c3 that focuses on using alternative self-therapy methods for treating PTSD specifically Individual Faith, Gardening, Agriculture, and Music therapies and more.


FEBRUARY: Veterans Community Project

VCP is a nonprofit group based in Kansas City, MO. They serve homeless and at-risk Veterans with tiny houses, support services and emergency assistance.


JANUARY: Randy Couture

Couture founded the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at helping wounded and in-need veterans returning home.

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